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Can I use pepper spray on my burrito?

No! Do not use pepper spray on your food, any food, if you want to stay healthy. Pepper spray is made with a “carrier” to keep it liquid and able to spray efficiently from the small nozzle. That carrier might be anything like rubbing alcohol, dry cleaning fluid or paint stripper, depending on the manufacturer. If that sounds tasty to you, go for it, but its going to make you sick if you ingest it.
Use pepper spray for self defense, its not meant to be a condiment.

Israeli Gas Mask Information

Anyone who’s ever worn a military-grade mask knows that you need a good seal if you expect it to protect you from phosgene, sarin or tabun, but that’s impossible if you’re sporting so much as a 5 o’clock shadow.
After chemical warfare became a real threat — poison gas was a big concern during World War I, when unprotected soldiers in the trenches had to urinate on rags and use them as makeshift masks to breathe through the chlorine, phosgene and mustard gases the Germans deployed — the U.S. military started issuing gas masks and required all males to shave.
The military required troops to shave because early gas masks, just as those manufactured today, had rubber face pieces. They were usually designed with screw-on canisters, and the only air a soldier was supposed to breathe was air that had been filtered by the canister. Even stray sideburns or an errant lock of hair would prevent the mask rom creating an airtight seal around the soldier’s face, allowing contaminated air (and chlorine or sulfur mustard, the most common chemical warfare agents during World War I) inside it.
Officials put reactionary regulations in place. Citing gas masks and personal hygiene, the military required male service members to shave (although World War I regulations did permit moustaches) and keep their hair shorter than 1 inch on any part of the head.
Then the newsreels started rolling in. Clean-shaven soldiers depicted as heroes became unwitting trendsetters in the facial hair department. A cultural shift began when the epitome of American masculinity, the soldier, stopped wearing the full beard that was previously regarded as a measure of his worth.
Beards and stubble became an emblem for everything undesirable in American culture: laziness, lack of education and poverty. Civilian men were measured with the same ruler that took stock of what their military counterparts had, and that included a neat, clean appearance. If you wanted a job, you needed to shave, wear a button-down shirt and tie, and have neatly trimmed hair.
While bare faces inspired by young G.I.s stayed in vogue for the next four decades, the 1960s created another shift. The Navy and Coast Guard gave up on trying to enforce grooming habits when it came to facial hair by the 1970s, and Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. issued “Z-Gram No. 57” that allowed active-duty sailors to sport full beards.
The gas mask sealing issue resurfaced during the Cold War, though, and beards were banished to the annals of military history once again by 1985. (Neither the Army nor the Air Force had allowed beards back in the service. Instead, soldiers and airmen who refused to shave or cut their hair received punishment under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, much like they would today.)
A Word on Effective Gas Masks and Usage
The seal on a gas mask is just as important as an effective canister is at mitigating inhalation risks. Inhaling even a small amount of sarin can (and probably will) kill you. Modern masks, particularly the M40A1 and A2, M42 and M45-series masks used by today’s military, are no different from the early models in that they require a good seal (like the Israeli gas mask can provide).
While female facial hair isn’t a factor in a good seal, it’s important to note that women need to have smooth, flat hair to seal their masks properly as well.
Nearly any toxic chemical can be weaponized; it’s not limited to government-manufactured toxins such as sarin, tabun, phosgene or VX. Ordinary household chemicals, biological toxins (including anthrax) and many other substances can kill you if you’re not prepared to protect your respiratory system.
If you want to protect yourself from chemical inhalation threats, here’s what you need to know:
• The military considers mask canisters containing hexavalent chromium and asbestos to be hazardous materials. If you have a canister with either of these substances inside, do not use it. You should never purchase a Russian GP-5 canister or a U.S. C2 canister. Damage to the canister can cause the toxins inside to leak, and both pose a serious inhalation hazard.
• You have approximately 9 seconds to don your mask and protect yourself from a chemical inhalation threat provided you know the threat is there and you refrain from breathing until your mask is sealed and cleared. For this reason, one should be exceptionally comfortable with the process of putting on a gas mask. It’s imperative to practice putting on a gas mask in order to achieve this level of comfort.
• A gas mask cannot protect your skin, and while many toxins are more lethal when inhaled, significant skin exposure can also lead to death, depending on what you’ve been exposed to.

Your Questions About Is It Legal To Pepper Spray A Dog

Sandy asks…

Is it legal….?

I have a dobermon and he is very trained. when ever we go walking my dad sometimes lets him of the leash. he doesnt run or anything he just walks beside us. but every now and then the police partrol ride around. ever time they do i get nervous… is it legal to walk a controled dog with out a leash?
p.s i live in america

admin answers:

We have leash laws almost everywhere in the country.

Will your dog stay with you if a rabbit runs by or if I am walking by with my dogs? If not, he needs to be on a leash. I HATE it when strange dogs come up to my dogs when we are out walking, you have no idea if my dogs are friendly, and one is NOT. I carry pepper spray and will spray any dog who does not back off, it is my responsibility to protect MY dogs.

If your unleashed dog gets into a fight (even if he was not the aggresser) with a leashed dog, you will be legally responsible for any Vet bills. And if the other dogs owner should get her hand into the fight to break it up and get bit, they wil probably put your dog down.

I have been teaching obedience classes for 25 years, and have gotten many titles, but my dogs are still all ONLEAD! Yours should be too!

Ginger – “And to MJ, you ought to know that there are other ways to protect yourself and your dogs without the use of pepper spray.”

It is not my responsibility to worry about someone elses out of control, aggressive dog. I will defend my own by any means neccessary. Charging dogs have always backed down from me, but if they won’t, I am prepared. LOL! What SHOULD I do, drop the charging dog???

Ginger – “And if you have all those titles, I assume in obedience, then why wouldn’t you trust your dogs off-leash?”

I do trust some of MINE, when we are working, but I CERTAINLY don’t trust some nasty dog on the street. If some dog attacks my dogs on the street and mine are onlead, at least I have some control of the situation.

I believe that onlead means onlead, why would it be ok for some to allow their dogs to be loose, and not for others. If some are allowed you will have everyone who thinks they have voice control allowing their dogs offlead.

What is the likelyhood that someone on here has a dog that is at the level yours is, or is even at a CD or CDX level? I see owners that think their dogs are under voice control DAILY on our walks, they are usually screaming frantically as their dog charges us.

BTW – not everyone has an easy breed like Goldens either.

Ginger – “if you know about AKC Obedience, that means we do the heel in competition, which the dog walks right beside me no matter the distraction, stops and goes when I do.
Just thought you would like to know.”

LOL! Ya, thanks for the info.

Ruth asks…

Carol asks…

how to protect my dog from unrully unleashed dogs?

i have recently got a standard poodle and im love her loads, she is an even tempered and sweet dog, i walk her several times a day, with one quite lenghty walk, most of the dogs round here are well behaved and on a lead with their owners, however, there are a couple of pitbulls and an alsatian that are left to roam, a local chap told me that last year his border collie was savaged by a crazed pitbull and almost died, i was told i could carry a small pepper spray to disable a monster should it go for my poodle in savage way, is this legal? and where can i obtain such a device? if it isnt legal what other measures can i take to ensure that my poodle dosnt receive any serious injury by loose unattended dogs, i would welcome any suggestions, many thanks.

admin answers:

My suggestion — if there is a persistent problem with a dog at large — call animal control. It is there job to deal with this kind of thing. I might even consider trying to catch the dog myself should it come to that.

Can’t speak to the legality of pepper spraying a vicious dog (personally, if it came to that, I wouldn’t care if it were legal or not). Might be able to pick up some ‘bear spay’ in an outdoor store.

Charles asks…

Ken asks…

how can i stop a dog in its tracks when its charging at me and my dogs?

mine are on leash of course one dog attacked already with son walking now carrying pepper spray he said that wont help iam looking for best way has anyone ever use fog horn or pepper spray or any other ideas that have worked ive called cops dont want to be bothered to enforce leash law iam going to protect my dogs just trying to do it legal my dog was attacked by a pet dog that owner insisted didnt need to leash her he paid all bills after i insisted also said sorry only after i insisted so iam guessing people who let their dogs off leash to begin with are pretty stupid now thinking of getting hunting lic so if anyone has ideas that have worked please let me know thanks
my son is 6′ 25 while walking in state park yelled for guy to put dog on leash he said no just stand aside his dog will run by but of course it didnt my pitbull who was leashed was attacked by pitbull that wasnt but it happens so fast he couldnt do anything hole in neck just missed juggler she wouldve bled out if it hit needed to be stiched my son refuses to walk anywhere with dogs dog wasnt in attack mode til right next to my dog i also walk tiny boston so any dog that runs up on me iam figuring i have to stop before it gets near if choice it will be their dog i tell everyone to put on leash and they argue with me and this happens most places i go my dog has been attacked in my front yard i make sure theres police reports done ive been studying attacks dogs lives are valued as property so its really up to owners to protect them love all the ideas found site where more powerful pepper spray also gonna carry a few things thank you love this site new to it

admin answers:

Call your local Humane Officer. ALL states have leash laws and ALL dogs are supposed to be on leash when off their own property. If you’re in a large town or city, the Humane Officer has police privileges in regard to animal control issues such as this. Your local police may not wish to but your Humane Officer or SPCA should be able to control the other dog’s owner.

Contact your state’s animal control and get a copy of the leash laws and other animal control laws. If your area is rural like mine, enforcement of leash laws is more challenging, but if you MUST have the assistance of your local police, and IF they are reluctant to enforce the laws, then you need to have a copy of the laws in your possession to back up your request for enforcement.

Your neighbor who does not contain his/her dogs is in violation of leash laws, and is criminally and legally responsible for all harm done by their dogs. The crime they are commiting is “failure to control” their animal. They may also be in violation of the laws that require all dogs to have rabies shots, and if their dogs EVER bite your dog or your son, then they should be reported so Animal Control can check to see if those dogs have a current rabies vaccination, and if not, the dog MUST be quarantined 10-14 days to check for rabies! Was that done when your dog was last attacked? If not, contact animal control and discuss your ongoing problems and recurrent attacks.

Out in rural areas, most people don’t contain their dogs, but country dogs don’t usually attack other dogs, and if they do, you either report them to Animal Control / Humane Office or you get a gun and shoot the attacking dog. While you are dealing with this problem, I recommend not allowing your son to walk the dog without an adult or second person to assist.

As someone else stated, you have a valid case to sue the other owner for all damages, and that’s probably why that person agreed to pay the bills.

On your other replies:
A baseball bat might or might not work.
The paintball gun may be the best option, it hurts to be hit by a paintball but it does not cause harm, and it marks the attacking dog and proves their guilt. -!-

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Your Questions About Is It Legal To Mace A Dog

Sandra asks…

What are the penalties for using “Bear Mace” to defend yourself?

I am a 16 year old male who has ALOT of problems with people where i live, People are looking to Stab me and alot of things are going around where i live, These people who want to do this always are in groups of about 4-10 or even more and when they see me, They either try to rob me , Or Beat me up for no reason, I was thinking of buying a can of bear mace to defend myself since batons are illegal to own such as Brass knuckles and knives and i dont want to kill anyone its just to defend my self, Thats why i was considering in buying bear mace since it is legal for me to buy and carry on me, I live in canada alberta and i need to find out about this, I am scared to go into the city because of certain groups in the city that are always looking for trouble, Please get back at me i Really would like to know and if there are any other subsitutions for this, I cant figure out these peoples last names so i cant report them to the law, Thank you

admin answers:

N-uh- uh. Verboten. In Canada all products with a label containing the words pepper spray, mace, etc, or otherwise originally produced for use on humans are classified as a prohibited weapon[26]. Only Peace Officers, and individuals/corporations who have special government permits may legally carry or possess pepper spray. Any similar canister with the labels reading “dog spray” and/or “bear spray” is regulated under the Pest Control Products Act – while legal to be carried by anyone, it is against the law if its use causes ‘a risk of imminent death or serious bodily harm to another person’ or harming the environment and carries a penalty up to a fine of $500,000 and jail time of maximum 3 years[27]. Of course, the legality of using spray intended for animal deterent on a person would be determined in court on a case-by-case basis. The inquiry at this point would be whether you used REASONABLE methods to prevent IMMINENT harm, so two tests – (1) whether mace/pepper was reasonable (probably not since you shouldn’t be carrying the stuff at all) and (2) whether the harm you were reacting to was real and imminent (moments from actually happening).

Best advice: visit the local cop shop and ask to speak with a community liaison officer about what you CAN and SHOULD do to protect against these ruffians. This accomplishes two things – you alert the cops that there is a public safety issue they need to address and you create a paper trail in the event circs escalate. It will also give you an idea of the sort of help you can expect from the cops in your jurisdiction. If you’re not satisfied, like so many Albertans who tire of the U.S. Cowboy mentality there you may want to move far away.


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Your Questions About Is It Legal To Mace A Dog

John asks…

how to outrun a dog with its owner chasing at you?

the kid is about 13 years old and he and his friends holded us up at a small super market .the owner of the store toldt he kid to get the dog away from the store when the dod a few feet away from us we ran as fast as we could back to my house .the dog and the owner were running after .luckily me and fat frind didnt get bite so plz help me wat should i do next time

admin answers:

You can’t outrun a dog unless the dog is either way too fat to run or maimed.

Next time, bring something to protect yourself – like mace. Then you need to call the police and report that they are terrorizing you.

If you happen to be near a public establishment like the market, then go back inside and call the police from there.

They sound like punks and are getting their kicks by terrorizing you and your overweight friend. They definitely need to be stopped, but try going about it the legal way first.

James asks…

Is that really legal?

My friend has this little Jack Russell mix dog, the dog does not bite at all, so this afternoon, her dog got sprayed repeatedly in the face with mace from a mailman who looked to be pretty old, my friend told me that she kept telling him that the dog was not going to bite him, but he just kept spraying.
Then as she was bending over to pick her dog up, he sprayed her in the face, luckily she’s ok, her eyes are still burning..
Cece my friend understands that the carrier was only trying to protect himself, but he shouldn’t have sprayed her too..
I could understand if I were a mail carrier and a little barking dog came up to me, and if I WERE NOT a dog lover, I’d freak out too!
I read somewhere that a mailman is supposed to scare a dog with their bag first, interesting.
That’s animal cruelty in my opinion.
I also read that it‘s not mace, but pepper spray, interesting
Note, my friend’s eyes are still burning 8 hours later.
Please feel free to comment, please no harsh comments.
Please no harsh comments!

admin answers:

No, actually what the postman did was assault. One of the things you have to be careful of when using pepper spray is not to get other people involved. That can open you up to civil as well as criminal charges. The fact that the dog was not attacking and the postal worker was in apparent violation of Post Office policies regarding the use of said spray, your friend might have a case. Also it sounds like he sprayed for quite a while. There usually is no need to do that as one good whiff of spray is enough to send most dogs running. After reading more closely it seems that the mailman used mace or tear gas not pepper spray. A shame as neither are nearly as effective as pepper spray. That could also be why the dog wasn’t fazed by it.

The fact that 8 hours later your friends eyes were still burning is a little more serious. OC spray, AKA pepper spray, is supposed to wear off after 45-60 minutes. Even Tear Gas is supposed to wear off after a few hours. If your friends eyes are still burning, she needs to go to the ER, that’s not normal. In that case she needs to get the doctor’s report and talk to a good lawyer because now the Post Office and it’s employee are liable for damages to your friend’s health. If it can be proved that the postal employee did in fact violate policy, it needs to go to court. It seems harsh, but really, that’s why policy is written the way it is to protect the postal employees and the general public from incidents just like this.

Robert asks…

How can i keep a dog in a apartment. File for service dog or?

Ok im a young female and i live on the bottom floor alone. I want to get a German Shepard. But our apartment has a weight limit of 25 pounds. There are other tenants who have dogs well over this limit though. I really want to get this dog for protection and companionship. I live in oregon. Is there any ways i can get around this? Like take him to be taught to be a search and rescue dog or isnt there a way to file for some type of service dog. Like i think it is called a compainion dog.

could i get a doctors note for this? For depression?

what can i do?
“You really shouldn’t rely on a dog for protection because unless they have been specially trained (in which case they also become a legal liability)”

if they are trained correctly in NO way should they be a legal liability.

and i never said i needed a service dog. Im asking what i can do in order to be able to keep the dog. I know some people with sever depression are able to keep dogs. that is what im thinking of.
Because of the line of work i am in. ( i am a escort)( and no i dont want to hear the B****ing about it i know it is not legal)
so because of the line of work i am into. People are in and out of my house and see what i have here. I have had my house broken into 3 times and robed once.

this is why i need something large and isnt going to put up with shit if i comand him properly.

When clients see this kind of dog they will know not to come in the house or pull something they should not.
oh yeah. I do not have the option to move. i live in oregon. Here in almost all apartments they require proof of income and employment to move in. and well i dont have that. I was lucky to find this place so untill im done with school i will be living here.

admin answers:

You can wait and move into an apartment that allows large dogs after your lease is up.

Filing a request for a service dog when you don’t really need one is not only unethical, it is probably illegal in many areas. People like you, who don’t really need a service dog but just want the kind of public access that service dogs receive for their large dogs, make life extremely difficult for people with true disabilities who genuinely DO need their service dogs but don’t have an obvious disability (such as being restricted to a wheel chair or blindness) because it makes it harder for service dogs to be accepted. Just because others in the apartment are breaking the rules doesn’t entitle you to do it too (and they could be evicted if the landlord found out).

Take a personal protection training class and carry a can of mace. Working for a vet and volunteering for a german shepherd rescue I can tell you that I’ve met plenty of GSDs who would sooner turn tail and run away than protect you in the case of an attack. You really shouldn’t rely on a dog for protection because unless they have been specially trained (in which case they also become a legal liability) there is no guarantee that the dog will actually protect you in a real life situation. Besides, predators are looking for easy targets…people who aren’t aware of their surroundings and what’s going on around them…and for that purpose a bichon frise would work just as well as a GSD (a barking dog would put you on guard, therefor you are no longer an easy target).

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Your Questions About Is It Legal To Pepper Spray A Dog

Linda asks…

What to do about our neighbours dog?

Our neighbour has a really big German Shepherd dog…She is a very agressive dog, the owner lets her off roam around the neighbourhood and she constantly barks at people..

One day my mum was walking our 14 year old Springer Spaniel, she went up to him and my mum and pinned him to the ground and started to bite him..My mum managed to get her off of him before she could do much damage but bit my mum aswell..

The owner collected the dog but didn’t say sorry or anything…The RSPCA has been called to them many times about her but they don’t do anything…

The family that owns her are very agressive and have been known to punch people for no reason and are constantly drunk…

I’m getting a cavalier puppy and i’m worried that she will attack her, and because she is a smaller breed she can badly injure her..

What can we do?? The owner shouldn’t be keeping her because one day she could do some real damage..
Why haven’t the RSPCA doing anything?? It‘s not just our dog she attacked, she has attacked some other dogs in the neighbourhood…
Lol I’m British!!!!!!!!!!
And I do hate the dog, I wouldn’t want her to be killed…That’s wrong…how could you say that? It‘s not her fault, it‘s the stupid owners..
I wouldn’t hit a dog with a stick either
She had a litter and they kept one of the males..He is a very well behaved dog..They keep him inside most of the time but they let her roam around the neighbourhood..

admin answers:

As a former legal assistant, i would say to report the owners and the dog to your police dept. Convince them that a child could be attacked and hurt or killed by this dog and that it truly is a menace to be loose. Your mom should definitely go to the hospital and have a report done showing that she was hurt by the dog, even if it wasn’t very bad, so if other people get hurt, there will be a record of it if they have to go to the hospital. The rspca should have taken some kind of action, but i don’t know about the laws over there. When you DO walk your dog, carry something like pepper spray which you could spray on the dog if he starts to attack you or your dog. Bleach and water (as much as i hate to say it) also works, but i’d try something less apt to hurt the dog on a more permanent basis – like the pepper spray – first. Look for something online or at your local pet stores if you can’t find some pepper spray. . Good luck!

Chris asks…

My leashed dogs were chased by unleashed if mine bit …?

2 of my neighbors dogs chased us barking but not aggressive (more fearful and hyper) and one of my dogs got very nervous. The chasing dogs were like yoyos going just near enough then bolting then back at us but my dog I know him he is like a “policer” but I think if given chance he’d slam those dogs in a submissive roll. My question is if he had bitten would he have been in any legal trouble? I thought no because he was leashed and they weren’t. They are smaller dogs than he is, he’d win any fight I think I couldn’t get the dogs away but next time I’m carrying pepper spray. Thanks.

admin answers:

Depends on your local laws. If there is a leash law, you likely would not be determined at fault. However, if there isn’t a leash law, there is a possibility that you could be determined at fault, particularly if your dog bit first. Also, in some cases, Animal Control will determine a biting dog to be at least partially at fault regardless of context because if the dog was able to bite, they consider it not to be under “full control” of the handler. Your local animal control should be able to fill you in on the laws in your area. You can also lodge a complaint with them about your neighbor’s loose dogs if they are required to be leashed or otherwise confined.

Mark asks…

Is mace legal to carry in New York City?

It‘s a pretty straightforward question. I moved to a terrible neighborhood in Brooklyn, next to the projects and full of dog fighters, dealers, and other similarly outstanding citizens.

My friend’s brother is a police officer in Tulsa, OK and she offered to get me police-issued mace but I wasn’t sure about the laws concerning carrying it in Kings County (Brooklyn) or Manhattan (New York County). I live alone with my dog and am a fairly petite female. Although I’m not a shabby fighter when it comes to self-defense, it‘s well known that fists are the last thing you have to worry about around here.

Any input would be appreciated. I’ve lived in the Middle East, but this neighborhood really takes the cake…
Everyone, I am very familiar with the Constitution and the 2nd amendment. I have my BA in Political Science. HOWEVER, you can’t even have a firecracker in New York City, so my concerns about laws regarding mace are valid. My question was stated politely and respectfully. Please exercise the same behavior in your responses. Thank you.

admin answers:

Likely you are talking about that excellent self defense tool, pepper spray.

Legal in NYC to carry adn of course to use in self defense.
Weird thing is that pepper spray cannot be bought from an out fo state source in the whole state, no mai orders.
You can get pepper spray at most local drug and hardware stores in NYC.
If you really feel the need to oder by mail you can order animal repellent or defense sprays which are legal to ship into NYS.

In any case look for 5 to 10% concentration (no more than 10%). I always recommend the stream spray kind. You tend to hit what you need to, the face, but do not have a lot of extra spray going around to disable yourself.

You have to practice. Many sell water sprays in the same canister. You really have to work with someone pretending to attack you and you have to spray them in the face, run into the street and start screaming as you run away.
Practice screaming, despite what they think most cannot scream when really needed.
Always walk with head up and be aware of your surroundings. Then you do not look like a victim to predators.

David asks…

Stray dog in our yard? Help?

So, stray dogs are attracted to our house.
So far we’ve had three just come in our yard and stay for a few hours the. Leave.
This is the fourth dog this year, none ofthe animal services offices are open, last time this happened we called 9-1-1 because the dog was big, and it has some white stuff comin from it‘s mouth, but the lady just gave ke animal services number and said the police couldn’t do anything.
Anyway, I think this dog is a poodle, it clearly has an owner, judging from it‘s fresh hair cut, but no tags.
We have a small dog, and it‘s not doing much harm, jus roaming our yard, and our dog just barking and following it.
What are we suppose to do?

admin answers:

Keeping dogs out of one’s yard is not an exact science, and apart from building a fence there aren’t many fool-proof ways to go about it. There are, however, a few things you can try.

Most of the known methods involve placing a sensory deterrent around the perimeter. Spraying vinegar, or a cayenne and red pepper mix just around the edge has been known to repel animals. I’ve also heard of half-rotted potatoes, but that is more for gardens (since I don’t imagine you want them laying around).

Here is a link to a site I found with many examples of sensory deterrents:

Also, check your state’s legislation for the legal obligations of the animal services office. It doesn’t seem legal for them to shaft you every time.

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Your Questions About Is It Legal To Pepper Spray A Dog

Joseph asks…

Is it illegal to kick or attack a dog if it attacks your dog?

A larger dog nearly attacked my dog while on a walk today. My dog is not aggressive and did not respond to his aggression, so the dog settled down. But my number one thought at the moment was to kick the dog. I was ready to just kick it in the gut! I am even contemplating taking pepper spray with me on my walks now.

Would it be legal to kick it a dog attacking your dog?
My dog was on a leash the other dog wasn’t.

It‘s good to know I have legal right to fight back. I would never kick it if it doesn’t hurt my dog, only if it actually causes harm to my dog.

admin answers:

Get pepper spray, it is the safest thing. You kick a dog it might turn on you (happened to my husband trying to ward of an attacking mastiff in a similar situation) but you spray that dog, like with the bear quality spray, and it likely will stop the attack and head for the hills!

I keep my spray in my hand when I walk my dogs.

Thomas asks…

effective legal dog deterrent that I could carry (UK)?

I’m a photographer, and spend a lot of time photographing country parks and the like. Every time without fail there’s at least one person with a rottweiler or german shepherd etc. where the dog‘s not on a lead, trotting along on narrow path about 100 yards in front of the owner, that then haunches up and starts growling when our paths are about to cross. A couple of times I’ve got the distinct impression that any sudden movements or carrying on walking towards them would have seen me in real trouble.

Is there anything I could carry with me that would deter an attacking dog, that’s legal in the UK?

Or failing that any tips for if a dog should attack?

admin answers:

You can get a pocket can of wasp spray … It is perfectly legal to carry … And if i was confronted with a large growling dog, it would be a wimpering mess with one shot of the wasp spray cuz i am not waiting for some inconsiderate owner to control their dog … Wasp spray also has a longer shooting distance than pepper spray so even more effective as you can be further back … If the dog attacks, take out its eyes …

Charles asks…

is Pepperspray or Mace legal in Ontario?

Does anyone know if pepperspray or mace is legal in Ontario, Canada for personal protection?

admin answers:

It is not illegal to possess pepper spray, but you can’t use it on people as it would become a weapon. You can carry pepper spray if you intend to use it on dogs or bears. Anything can be a weapon if that’s what you intend to use it for.
For example:
If you are walking down the street with a baseball bat at 2:00pm and tell the officer you are going to play baseball then you are ok.
If you tell the officer it is for “personal protection” you can be arrested for “possession of a weapon dangerous to the public peace”.

So I recommend that if you choose to carry some around and are asked about it, make sure it is to protect yourself from that vicious “dog” that sometimes hangs around your street when you go for walks.

Check out this link, go down the page to “legality” and check out Canada, the information is accurate.

Chris asks…

is it legal to carry mace spray or pepper spray for self defense in ireland?

If attacked one could use it ?
I am disabled and not very good at defending myself

admin answers:

No, it’s illegal. If you use it during an attack you can be prosecuted by your assailant for aggravated assault. Disability is not an acceptable defence in court, the law is the law.

It’s safer not to carry a weapon of any kind. Most law-abiding citizens have no experience of using weapons and are more likely to have their weapon seized and used against them that to actually use it themselves. To be safe, get a burglar alarm and a dog, don’t go in to known troubled areas, don’t go home alone from pubs/clubs late at night, avoid drinking alcohol to excess and don’t be a wisemouth. Do that and you should be okay, regardless of any disability.

Ken asks…

What if…. Dog Question HELP!!?

What are you supposed to do if you are walking your dog and a stray tries to attack you and or your dog? Just wondering what should i do if that was to ever happen. Anyone had experience with this? Also my dog loves other dogs and would immediately get excited and lunge to play with it, I wouldnt know what to do. Anyone? I will chose a best answer. Please be logical and not rude. My dog is right now a german shepherd / lab mix and she is seven months old female.

admin answers:

Well the best thing to do, if you anticipate and are already getting worried about it, is to carry pepper-spray when you are walking your dog, there is really nothing else you can do but spray the dog or else they’ll fight, and the outcome of that could be very serious and tragic. Other than that you can call the police and have them notify animal control, but by the time they get to you it can be too late. Consider the pepper spray idea, it is not inhumane and it is legal, it also cannot permanently harm the dog, only enough to make it go away, which is all you really need. Remember your safety and that of your dog’s is priority, and by following my advice will lead you to safety in that situation, and it will also not harm the offender (attacking dog).

Hope it helped..

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Your Questions About Is It Legal To Mace A Dog

Chris asks…

Anyone else get a ticket in San diego for having your dog off leash?

I got one today and was wondering how much it would be. I plan to fight it as the park I go to is generally accepted as a dog park. Policy change is needed rather than taxing us dog owners.
i was also wonderign if anyone else has successfully fouhgt a ticket like this?
Ok lets get one thing straight for those of you condemning my actions. When Im at the park with my dog all he cares about it his ball. he doesnt walk up to people or run frantically9i have specifically trained him not to) And i tell you what, if you pull out a can of mace on my dog and mace him, youd better have more than that in your pocket….lets jsut leave that at that.

Adams park has dozens of people come there everyday with their dogs, some are irresponsible in training and others like me,. are not irresponsible. So yes instead of ticketing someone like me minding my own business, the cop couldve been oh..looking for that ex cop thats killed people and waged war on police and their families.
Just today a mother with her baby came up and she asked if the baby could play with my pup and i said of course. this baby was just barely able to walk and my pup was very gentle with her. I have trained him to be this way is my point.
Furthermore, this attitude of just pay it and obey the

admin answers:

Is there a sign that says it’s a dog park or that off leashed dogs are allowed? If not then you don’t have a legal leg to stand on in trying to fight the ticket. Lesson learned, take your dog to a dog park next time.

I wish they would ticket people more often for letting their dogs off leash in areas where it is not allowed. Maybe I wouldn’t have to yank out mace as often as I do because a strange dog comes running up to me with a owner yelling behind “He’s friendly!” sorry but I nor my dog want to meet your uncontrolled off leash dog.

General you as opposed to you specifically for the dog running up to other people.
But yes if a strange dog runs up to me I will mace them; or would you prefer I let my dog that does not generally get along with other dogs bite them while walking nicely on a leash because they can not bother to control their dogs? Mace is safer for me and my dog thank you very much.

You broke the law, and now you’re just saying “why did I get caught and not them!?” (the equivalent of “they were speeding too, why didn’t you ticket them?”) You were not in the right in this regardless of how well trained your dog is. Put the dog on the leash and legally walk him or go somewhere that legally allows dogs off leash.
If you really want to argue it go for it, but legally you do not have a case.

Lizzie asks…

Mace or Pepperspray (some questions)?

Are they the same? And can someone please tell me the “best” model/kind? I want to buy one from Amazon, and sometimes the reviews are confusing. I read this online article about what people do for positive online reviews, and I can’t help but feel like half of the people are either trying to sabotage or endorse a product. I thought about getting something called amace gun.” Also, price is not an issue for me.

admin answers:

Mace (tear gas) is a chemical made in a laboratory. Pepper spray contains natural ingredient. In some states, pepper is legal but mace is not. They are both similar in that they cause an allergic reaction making it difficult to see and breath. They both also cause intense irritation.

There is a small percentage of people that are not effected by one or the other. Mace may have a slightly higher percentage of people it doesn’t effect. However, I’ve not heard of anyone that is immune to both. You can purchase a mixture that contains both mace and pepper, such as Mace Triple Action.

Here is an example of another I found, but I’m sure there are several more. Http://

Laura asks…

Scared to take dogs out properly?

So about a year ago my dog who is a small yorkie x chihuahua got attacked by a much bigger dog who was running around the streets off its lead.. I dont really live in the best area and without sounding horrible there are alot of badly trained staffys where j live… So I only take my dogs out where I know its safe but I’d love to take them to the beach or something again without fear of anything happening to them.. My other dog is a chihuahua and he is very small and squeaky which would probably make him more a target…

admin answers:

If it’s legal for you, maybe carry around a can of mace? I think some people also use bear spray? I’m not sure about gun/weapon laws in America so I cant answer for that.Is it possible to drive to another dog friendly beach too? I mean, I love Staffies and Pit Bulls and all of them myself, but I wouldnt want to have any of my dogs dealing with an altercation with a loose/stray dog aggressive staffy/pit bull. If its trained,leashed and under control I dont care, but when loose with no owner or restraint and is aggressive is not something I would not want to chance with my dogs.

George asks…

What is legal in New York?

I’m a 23 year old female and I  live in Western New York. It‘s no New York City but it‘s still a city, full of homeless and other sketchy people. I live in a very nice apartment with special keys you need to enter and get on tge elevator ect. Anyways when I’m waking to or from my car or taking my dog outside I get approached by atleast 1 person because there is a small minimart at the corner of our street. 

So last night some man approached me while I was waiting for my dog to go to the bathroom and he was asking me how much I paid for my dog then he asked if he could use my cell phone. I told him I didn’t have it on me (thank god i didn’t) he then bum rushes me and dug into my vest pockets. I of course screamed and hit and ran inside. I called the cops when I went inside they showed up and told me I didn’t have to file a report because nothing was taken. 

I have never been so scared in my life. Obviously I know I shouldn’t go outside alone but there are times I don’t have a choice, and my dog is a pug so he has no scare factor.  I was wondering what are legal forms of protection in ny and what would work best/easiest. 

I weigh 116 lbs I’m afraid I woudnt be able to over power someone if it came down to it

admin answers:

Under NY law you can apply for and carry $5 a mace or other device that will temporarily disable someone like your attacker.
I had a friend who when she ran, would carry around her neck, a small air horn device that would shatter ear drums or send dogs running.

Mary asks…

What is a legal, effective spray to use to stop dog attacks?

If any of you animal lovers don’t like this question, you can bite me, but your dog can’t. If my neighbor would keep their dog on a leash I wouldn’t buy such a product but if you don’t keep your dog on a leash it is you that is abusing your dog when a human defends themselves.

admin answers:

Mace has a product called Muzzle and it can be purchased for under $10. It is very humane and has no long term effects. There are also electronic devices available as well.

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