Your Questions About Does Pepper Spray Work

Helen asks…

Pepper Spray?

I encountered a rather dangerous situation last weekend while walking home alone after the pub. Am I allowed to carry Pepper Spray in the UK for self defence

admin answers:

No… Pepper spray is illegal in the UK.

It is classed as a prohibited article (capable of firing a noxious liquid).

Covered by Section 5 of the Firearms Act 1967.

Result = Arrest and convcition.

Betty asks…

Can you eat pepper spray?

Like if you spray it on your food?

admin answers:

Pepper Spray is only 2-10% pepper (or more accurately, capsaicin) The rest is propellant and suspension liquid. These can include benzene, isotropy alcohol and inert oils, all of which are toxic if eaten.

Paul asks…

I need pepper spray to protect myself?

Which is better? pepper spray or mase. Where is the best to get it for cheap. I want something that can spray a long distance and deter an attacker for more than ten minutes

admin answers:

Pepper spray works fairly well, but you have to be careful and not use it in conditions where the wind may push it back toward you. Mace is best, but it is more expensive and not available in all jurisdictions.

My recommendation would be to buy a couple of cans of the pepper spray and practice quick draw and aiming with it. If you can’t use it quickly and accurately, there is no use in having the stuff at all.

John asks…

1/2 0Z can w case pepper spray.Is it illegal in Ca?

well my friends girl friend had a can of pepper spray that she bought couple days ago. She’s 20 and she brings it with her everywhere. I bought a 1/2 oz can of pepper spray for my sister .She scared to use it and scared that it’s illegal. We live in Ca and i don;t know the laws with pepper spray in Ca. I bought it in a mall in Ca.

admin answers:

Pepper spray is totally legal to possess in California. Check with a local lawyer or you local police department to find out if there are any local laws concerning the possession and use of pepper spray. I mean, they sell it in the mall. If it were illegal, do you really think they’d be allowed to sell it in the mall?

As for being afraid to use it, she shouldn’t. If someone is trying to hurt or rape her, she has every right to use it and should. It won’t kill them, but it’ll hurt like nobody’s business for 30-45 minutes. Take her out to a field and show her how to use it and let her get comfortable with it. Just make sure you’re downwind when you do. It won’t do her any good to have it if she won’t use it.

Mandy asks…

Should she get brass knuckles or pepper spray? ?

I have a friend, she has a boyfriend of 2 months that suddenly stopped talking to her; it’s been 3 weeks. She was very close to him… They both live an hour apart, she’s a college student and he’s a high school senior.

She is going through the stages of grief right now. But she wants to go meet him this weekend to bust his __________. I told her to just solve the problem before finals so she can at least get a decent grade.

What should she do? She even asked me where she can buy pepper spray.

admin answers:

At least pepper spray is legal. You do have to be 18 to purchase it where I live, but it could be different. (I don’t know how old you are, sorry.)

Don’t use brass knuckles, they are illegal and you can do more damage than you mean to.

What did he do to go from him not talking to her to her needing to be protected against him? You don’t have to answer that, I was just thinking, if he is dangerous she could look into a protective order. If she can stay with friends for finals she should, to relieve stress and to keep her mind off of things.

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Your Questions About Pepper Spray Safety

Susan asks…

I’m a security guard, what should I do when a woman comes at me with pepper spray and her male friends?

are yelling at me? I was lucky today, her friends pulled her away and out of my store but I don’t know what I could have done in this situation..

admin answers:

If you see a imminent threat, and the pepper spray, the girl, and the friends are all actually threats toward you, then your human instinct kicks in. You eight erfight or flight. In this case I would advise the safest thing to do is to flight. So remove yourself from the ssituationas quickly and safely as possible as you are outnumbered and the girl has pepper spray. If you have a radio, call for back up. Don’t try to take them head on and ask for police assistance. Rememebr your safety is your top priority so don’t feel embarrassed for backing down.

Daniel asks…

Does anyone know where I can get…?

pepper spray or mase. thanks and I didn’t know what category so i picked this one

admin answers:

Evaluate market kiosks that offer personal defense equipment. You can purchase pepper spray at these places, but the lack of a storefront means no responsibility on the part of the seller. You may want to buy pepper spray at a more established location.
Visit hardware stores and specialty shops like firearms vendors. You will most likely find a selection of sprays available.
Discuss potency and use issues with the store staff. Get informed on what the different sprays are like. Also review how sprays are commonly used.
Get informed on features of the spray device including safety functions and tracking information.
Search a wide variety of online vendors who also sell pepper spray to find the best deals on personal defense equipment.
But,if you want the real good illegal kind make friends with a cop and ask for some.

Jenny asks…

Jogger safety for teen girl ?

im 17 and i jog alone with my ipod blaring,

is it legal to carring pepper spray ?

any ideas on things i can legally carry with me that are jogger friendly ?

( i dont like jogging with others, i only like jogging alone )

any opions would be nice.


admin answers:

Carry pepper spray, or carry an air horn. How would you like THAT thing blaring in your ear as you’re trying to attack a 17-year-old jogger?

The only reason I make those suggestions is because guns are too cumbersome when you’re trying to jog.

Sandy asks…



ILLINOIS: Legal with restrictions.

The use of a product “**containing a non-lethal noxious liquid gas or substance designed solely for personal defense carried by a person 18 years of age or older” is authorized by Section 720 ILCS 5/24-1.


admin answers:

It appears that maybe you can have pepper spray, but I would look at some of the hefty court awards that are awarded to victims of school pepper spray incidences before I consider it. Even if legal it could still set you up for court battle and cash loss due to a judgement of negligence, or some other actionable cause.

John asks…

Another qeustion about pepper spray?

I understand it’s illegal to own pepper spray in Ontario, but really, when your physical safety in danger, can they overlook the fact that you used pepper spray, in order to defend yourself?

Should I carry a knife in my bag instead? (I am being sarcastic…)

admin answers:

I carry a knife everywhere I go,one quick thrust into the throat and any confrontation is over.


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Your Questions About Does Pepper Spray Work On Snakes

Michael asks…

How can I be safer while running by myself on the wooded trails?

I like to run alone, on some wooded trails behind a park close by my house. I run at a time of morning that nobody else runs at so that I can get a tan (later in the morning. I’m an 18 yr old girl.. It’s important :)
I always run with my dog, unfortunately he’s still very young and acts much like a puppy (well, he is.. but he’s a big boy. He’s still not full size yet! he weighs 50 lbs and he’s 6 months old).He is a large breed though and most people are intimidated by him (which I really don’t get. he’s a puppy for pete’s sake!).
I have started to bring my cell phone with me, but I really hate doing this. I’m not a fan of phones, I feel like they tie me down. I rarely have my phone on me!
Anyways, how can I make my runs safer?.. I usually am not afraid of many things, but I live in a pretty disgusting area of the country and we have a lot of creeps here. Also we have lots of snakes and groups of homeless people that sleep in our woods. (I see beer cans and lunch bags quite often strewn throughout the trails)

admin answers:

Honestly it doesn’t sound like the best place to be running.

Try to find a running partner or head to a better location.

If you insist on running there here are a few options.
-Change the time you run, you don’t want those creeps to figure out a routine
-Don’t wear headphones, you’ll need to be able to hear anyone around you
-Carry some type of running pepper spray or similar or carry some.
-Don’t bother with a whistle, out of breath from running it will be hard to blow plus if you are too far away people either will not listen or assume its kids playing.
-Taking the dog is a good idea, don’t tell people on the trail know that he/she is friendly or a puppy. Let them assume the big dog will tear them up.
-While you want to run in clothes that make it easier, be mindful how much attention those clothes might bring, a t-shirt and longer shorts would be the smarter option over running bra and shorty shorts.

Again, it sounds like some place else would be better. Please be safe, good luck

I strongly recommend finding a safer area. Good luck

James asks…

my birthday is on april 1st everyone plays jokes on me but this year i want to pull jokes on them can you help

the theme of my birthday is jokes and pranks everyone play tricks on my birthday every year but this year i want to get back i need pranks to pull that arent messy but mean to pull on my friends at the party

admin answers:

Hmmmm…(devious smile…), practical jokes,eh? Love ‘em!Hopefully the party’s going to be at your place, but if not, you can bring enough arsenal to booby-trap the place while you’re there. Here’s a few suggestions:

1)Snacks and appetizers:
>Replace the chocolate chunks in a cookie mix with chunks of crumbled Ex-Lax.
>Remove the double- stuff cream Oreo cookie centers and replace it with a mixture of half the real stuff, and half a mixture of that new vanilla-flavored toothpaste and baking soda.
>Break some Cheese Puffs in half (the original fat, puffy ones).Use a paper clip or a toothpick to hollow out the little chambers in the puffs. Fill the hollowed-out sections of the puffs with cayenne pepper. Reconnect the halves. (If you dampen both ends, they’ll easily weld themselves back together.) Your victims that snack on these will experience some serious “BURN!”
>Also, Styrofoam packing peanuts, painted with orange food coloring, make for some interesting eating when used to apologetically refill the ‘prank’ Cheese Puff bowl.

2) Potty Pranks:
>Toilet Snake Attack~.Purchase a rubber snake and tie a short length of thread or fishing line around it’s head. Tape the other end to the lid of the toilet. When the lid is opened, the snake will “attack!”
>Bugged Toilet Paper: unroll the toilet paper a couple of times and place a fake (or even better, real) insect on the roll and glue in into place. Rewind the paper over the bug and wait for someone to expose the bug. The best part is they won’t be able to get too far when seated on the pot.
>Before the ‘Bugged T.P. Prank’, you may want to first smear a thin layer of Icy Hot, Ben-Gay, or a numbing gel on the toilet seat. A sticky alternative would be clear Karo corn syrup.
>Bathroom sink Shower: a small piece of duct tape secured over the faucet (leaving it loose in the front) provides a surprising spray all over your victim when they turn on the faucet.
>Trailer: take a six-foot piece of toilet paper and attach a piece of duct tape to one end (half of the tape on the toilet paper, half hanging free.) Place the paper and the tape (sticky-side up) on the floor at the entrance of the bathroom. When an unsuspecting victim steps on the tape, they will drag the toilet paper on their shoe. Now this part is for later use~when you come, laughing, to the aid of this victim, tell them “okay, lemme make sure all that tape’s off your shoe, hehe!” Many times when you buy used movies from Blockbuster or your other usual video store, they still have the little theft strip on them, so while you’re ‘removing the duct tape’, tape one of these theft strips on the side of the sole of their shoe.

3) See Who Your real Friends Are. Or: Make Them Question Your Sanity, (after all , the joke’s on THEM!) Warning: gross.
>Own a dog? Might work even better if you don’t. Those pre-made brownies in your grocery store’s bakery section look convincingly like little ‘doggie surprizes’ when rolled up like snakes. Place some strategically around the house. When you spot one in front of someone, apologize about your dog’s incontinance when he gets nervous, pick up the little prize, sniff it for an uncommonly long time while beginning to smile, then take a bite of it, looking as is you have just eaten the most succulent thing you’ve ever tasted in your life. Finish it.
>Carefuly smear some peanut butter on the bottom of your shoe.Keep your foot off the floor so you dont get it dirty.Cross your legs and wait for someone to notice that you’ve stepped in dog poop and point it out to you. Reach down and get a sample with your finger,like before sniff it, then put it into your mouth. Say,”Yep, that tastes like dog poop all right!” This usually sends a few to the restroom~where a few more surprizes may await them!

4) Okay, did you say you wanna be ‘mean’? Thought so.
>Remember that victim who stepped on the toilet paper tail?
(They have that alarm tag on the sole of their shoe.) Ask them to drive you to the video store, as you want to run in and pick up a couple of movies. After all, it’s YOUR birthday! Change stations on their stereo right as you get there till there’s a song that you just HAVE to listen to, it’s so profound to you. Ask them to go in and find the movies titles you give them, and leave you the keys so you can finish listening to your song before you meet them inside. When they go inside, repark the car around the corner somewhere out of sight. Walk back to the original parking spot dissheveled and wih a look of shock. By this time-if they ever-return to the car to see what the hell happened to you, tell them,”I was carjacked!”
>Also while you happen to be in this victim’s car, take the opportunity to place some of the odiferous items or mixture I will mention shortly under the carpeting. Trifecto!

5) Saying Goodnight: Make Sure You Thank Everyone For A Great Party And For Being Such Good Sports:
>You’ll have to prepare early for these ‘goodbye’ pranks.
When you have the chance to steal away from the party for a few moments, go outside with your prepared arsenal (strips of bubble-wrap about 18 inches long & as wide as a tire-one per car you intend to ‘punk’~you can usualy find these behind most giftshops, a roll of that wonderful duct-tape,a bottle of cooking oil, a package of raw bacon,a pair of scissors, and a flashlight to see if it’s dark.) The fun won’t end just because the party does!
>Fire Crackers: take a strip of the bubble-wrap and tape it to the tread of the front wheel(s) of a guest’s parked car. When the car starts moving, the resulting popping sounds like firecrackers.
>Fake Flat: you can simply lay a 3 foot strip of duct tape sticky side up directy in front of the tire of a guest’s parked car.When the car runs over it, the tape will stick to the tire and flop around sounding like a flat tire.
>And for those that leave their car windows down/doors unlocked? Pop their hoods for a~
>Manifold Breakfast: a few strips of bacon draped over the engine block will actually begin to cook as your victim is driving. They’ll begin to wonder where the bacon smell is comng from. By the time they open their hood, the bacon should be nicely cooked. Or, the next time they get their oil changed, they’ll have some explaning to do to their mechanic.
>Smoking Engine: pour a thin coating of cooking oil on the engine of your victim’s car. When they get a couple of miles down the road and their car begins smoking profusely, they will think the worst and be delayed for a time directly proportional to their wit or mechanical ability.

6)>Ultimate Revenge/Pranks that may never be sniffed out:
Is the party being held at someone else’s house?
>Stinkin’ Troubles:
Bring a few cans of sardines, a box of frozen fish sticks, or best yet~a mixture of feta cheese, sardines, anchovies, or other odiferous foods,and hide some in very inconspicuous places-inside curtain rods, hide underneath carpeting that you have pulled back, toss in guest’s coat-pockets (those small little-used pockets, if they have them.) This is a prank that gets better with time!) And don’t forget to tuck a few sardines up in the visors of those cars with the windows rolled down from #5!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!
And Happy Birthday!!…… *<];-).

Paul asks…

My roommates keep pranking me…?

They keep pulling pranks on me, and they won’t stop. They have a list of the pranks they have pulled on their door, and it gets longer every day, up to probably 25 entries at least. They’ve loosened the back from my chair so that I fell out, put my Wii controller in the tank with their pet snake, even set the sprayer in the kitchen sink to spray on me. The last one, putting habanero pepper sauce on the rim of my cup, resulted in my mouth hurting and my eyes watering until lunch the next day. How can I get them back or get them to stop? This is getting ridiculous.

admin answers:

Prank them back, but do a prank 10x worse/better than their best prank or just admit defeat and move out.

Betty asks…

How to protect crops from animals?

Hi, I’m going to grow some fruit and veg in my garden this year, and I was wondering what the best ways to protect my plants from animals like foxes and cats are?

I have seen things like getting some lavender as they don’t like the smell, and some plant netting, but does anyone have any tips?

Thanks a lot!

admin answers:

Cats and foxes eat animals not plants so much. Foxes cats snakes and owls will help protect your garden from animals that would eat it.
A chicken wire fence about 2foot tall is probably good enough from bunnies. Adding a bell to the fence might additionally deter.
Birds usually eat bugs from the garden rather than the plants as much.
Provide the predators a water source, preferably running water, the sound of water attracts them.
Provide shelter for the predators as needed. Shelters must be kept clean. Change stagnate water weekly to prevent mosquitoes.

Water the garden at dawn and check on the garden at dusk this helps scare animals away.
Search animal deterrents, there are various sounds movements and lights… That can help deter animals.


Spraying the plants with ghost pepper wax might also help deter.

William asks…

What are some good sleepover pranks?

Age Group: 18-23

admin answers:

Their are some repeats in this one and they are not all for sleep overs but here goes

draw or put stuff on face when they are sleeping! Its always fun!

Well I don’t know if u would consider this nasty but my mom told me some pranks : take their underwear and put it in the freezer and mysteriously put them back before they putting them back on , dip there hands in warm water to make them pee while asleep and put toothpaste on there faces when asleep 

lightly sprinkle powder on heir heads while sleeping, they will be surprised to be suddenly ‘aged’~ get washable markers and gently write on their forheads while sleeping~ if their asleep creep to their feet and suddenly grab it hard~paint their toenails their least favorite color(especially with guys)~ good luck!~

Put ice in their pajamas while they sleep and see their reaction. 
Put make up everywhere all crazy looking like one time i fell asleep at my cousin’s house and it wasnt even a sleepover and I woke up and had make up on my ankles lol and my hair was messed up. 

Shave off one eye brow on the first person to fall asleep. Pour warm water in the hand of someone who is sleeping. Put hot pepper on the potatoe chips. Get gum that stains the teeth. Put fake poop on someones’s sleeping bag. Turn a pet skunk or snake loose in the house.

Put a ton of spray cheese on their hand then lightly tickle their nose.

The old feather and shving cream but be more creative do a couple things like chocolate syrup and sticky stuff like that. Oh and when they are asleep put some ice down there back. That one was pulled on me. Also there is the one where you put there hand in a cup of water which makes them wet the bed.

‘A guy victim is normally pre chosen, and when everyone pretends to fall asleep, he will be pounced at and his clothes will be ripped and torn apart. His underwear removed (when there are no girls present, but even if there are girls, his briefs would normally come down slightly to expose his pubes and butt.

Leave her a note when she gets out of the shower that says, “Find a way to dry off quickly, there’s something special in the driveway for you.”

Then she will get really excited and rush to get outside only to find a Hot Wheels version of her dream car with a ribbon around it sitting in the driveway.

Buy a costco size box of plastic forks, and stick them all prong-side into somebody’s lawn.

Technically, it aerates the lawn, which is good for it, but it sucks to pull out 500 forks from your yard. Haha.

Good in school pranks include putting a luggage lock on somebody’s backpack, drawing embarrassing things on their arm or neck when they aren’t looking, and planting embarrassing things on their person or in their backpack. (victoria secret catalogue in a guy’s backpack)

unscrewing someone’s shower head and placing a hard candy in it so that after they take a shower, every, and I mean EVERY inch of their body is sticky (that hard candy lasts in the nozzle for several showers too).
I also pulled a prank on my boyfriend’s mom, whom anyone who knows her despises, including the family. If you soak fruit loops in water just til they’re soggy and place them on car paint to dry, there’s no getting them off without removing the paint. The best thing is, you can spell things out with fruit loops.. There’s also the good ol’ potato in the tail pipe, which I can personally guaruntee

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Your Questions About Pepper Spray Effective Self Defense

Ken asks…

Self Defence Problems???? Really Need Help?

Hey there all, I was wondering if there would be any alternatives for getting a self defense weapon, instead of buying a gun, because my family does not believe in the use of guns. I do if it would mean my safety and protection. I’m 15, and live in Australia, and I’m not the strongest person around the block, and personally I think I would make an easy target… Well you know… To be hurt in other words. Every time I leave the house, I become scared that I might be attacked, because I don’t really live in the nice part of town you might say because my family doesn’t have enough money to afford to move to the more luxurious parts of town. I probably know if I were to be attacked, I would go down easily because I don’t know any self defense, and I’m not very strong, I’m the weakest in the class, so that makes me a really easy target. I have tried reasoning with my mother about purchasing a gun or weapon, but she just says you can use your mobile, but honestly, I think, how are you going to use your mobile when you’re running away from something/someone who’s threatening to harm/kill you. I normally don’t ask this sort of question, but are there any guides to making items for self defense purposes only, preferably out of common materials, because I don’t want it to seem obvious that I’m making a weapon of some kind because mother might freak out. I mean, I would feel alot more safer carrying a concealed self defense weapon on me, than nothing. Thanks for listening, hope you can help me out. By the way, I think pepper spray is banned in australia, because I have tried to look into that. Any answers will be much appreciated. Thanks.

admin answers:

You received some very good advice above. Here is my two cents worth, most of it reiterating what has already been said. If you do not know how to use knife effectively, don’t plan on trying. It would be like trying to fight an experienced street brawler when you have never fought. If you are concerned about your ability to fight with your fists, you will have the same problem with a knife.

If you are not sure of the legality of pepper spray or mace, here is another option. Many companies market a spray that is for fending off mean dogs. Mail carriers and runners/joggers tend to carry this. It is marketed for animals, not people. It’s the same stuff, pepper spray, and has the same effect on a person or animal.

The other thing to consider, like someone else mentioned is a baton. I thing they were referring to what we call a sipo here in the states. Many of our cops carry them for nonlethal force. Here’s a link to a similar item:

I grew up in a nice neighborhood but my trek to school brought me through the tough side of town. I kept a section of rubber garden hose about 2′ long in my duffel bag. Similar effect as a sipo. It was my dad’s idea, he grew up on the tougher side of town when he was a kid. I only ever got wrapped up in a couple of scuffles, but hitting my aggressor with that section of hose took the fight right out ‘em, real quick. Think I am kidding? Take a piece of garden hose about 2′ long and try smacking a table or bench. When you see and hear the result imagine that to the face, neck, back, groin, abdomen, whatever. The nice part about this is any teacher, parent or cop will have a hard time saying that piece of garden hose is a weapon. I can tell you it is effective though. Be safe.

Sandy asks…

What can a 16-year old carry for defense in NYC?

Hello everyone. Im a 16 year old living in NYC, and i would like SOMETHING to carry as a means of defense. Pretty much, any knifes are ruled out because folding knifes arent practical, and switchblades are illegal. That allready brings me down to things like brass knuckles, pepper spray, and tazers. However, are any of the mentioned methods legal for someone to carry here, let alone someone my age? It would be nice to find something that isnt banned in this city.
Please note im not a violent guy. i have never gotten into a serious fight, but i have been confronted many times where i wish i had something on me, even if i didnt need to use it. im not a member of a gang or any other stupid organization. keeping that in mind im open to pretty much anyhelp. thanks.

admin answers:

With the recent Supreme Court decision in McDonald vs. Chicago your possibilities will open up soon, I think. We’ll have to see what the ramifications are, but it held that you have a right to self-defense. Crazy idea, that.

The best solution is to avoid trouble. Identify where trouble is and go around it. Sometimes trouble finds you, and NYC looks at a cell phone dialing 911 as about your only defense. Mayor Bloomberg wants just about everything banned, including salt!

I’m pretty sure pepper spray is legal in NYC, but call the NYC PD for a definitive answer. I think a roll of quarters is legal, and quite effective. :)

Lizzie asks…

Can an Olympic barbell and weights also be used as self-defense weapons against an attacker in your home?

admin answers:

That depends on what kind of mind set you have when it comes to fighting. A person who is unconcerned with anything accept winning a fight or warding off an attacker may discover that anything can be a weapon, Knives clubs, bats, rocks, swords, guns. Pepper spray, tazers, are all things we are all familiar with.
But if you know what you are doing, paper, pots and pans, a tooth pic, any silverware, a wrench, pliers, a piece of chain, vases, furniture, a cup of hot coffee or ice cold tea, any household chemical – the list is endless of what can be used as a weapon. Basically anything can serve as a weapon if you can imagine how to attack, defend, or divert attention with it.
Olympic barbell and weights could be used to drop on an attackers feet, if you are very strong they can be very dangerous thrown projectiles. An Olympic weight bar weighs 45 pounds without any weights on it.
If you are incredibly strong you could swing this bar like a bat, or grab an end of it and whirl around like a merry go round to hit an attacker. A Bar would probably be more effective as a joust weapon – pointed at an enemy and held in the middle, run at the and joust them in the stomach chest, face legs of feet.
You could throw the weights also, but if your attacker does not run away or get injured by this, – Watch out, they can throw the weights back at you.

Your question seems a bit silly and I am sure my answer does too, but the truth is everything is a weapon if a person thinks its a weapon.

Michael asks…

Self defence items for women in the UK?

I’ve recently got a job in which I have to travel on the bus late…..and I have being having to face a lot of drunk men. Today I was sat in front of two boys who were arguing which of them would get to screw me first :/…and of course its gotten me worried. Its not too bad at the moment as its still fairly light but I’m worried that as it gets dark I will be more vulnerable. I’m fairly petite and not at all strong so would like to invest in something that’ll help me feel safer. Rape alarms do nothing, mace/pepper spray is illegal, wth can i do?!!

admin answers:

There are several “improvised” implements I have carried when traveling in Europe that can be surprisingly effective when used properly and with good strategy. Here’s a list:
-I walk with a cane made of Hornbeam. Longer than any billy club and just as strong when you need to smack someone over the head, hands, groin or legs, or drive the point into a throat or sternum. Using a walking stick as a weapon has been made into entire arts in Japan, Italy, France, and the Philippines. Always overlooked and underestimated. This may not be your “style” but weigh that against your safety. Always keep solid wood, no hollow aluminum.
-A powerful pocket flashlight. Some lights (Olight or 4Sevens) have a strobe feature, any sufficiently high quality light will work. Suddenly pointing one into a person’s eyes at night will make them flinch at the least, and blind them for a second or two. Use that second or two wisely (run, kick, scream), and you will have the advantage. Plus if the person you shine the light on is actually an innocent, you will not have harmed them. Besides, good lights are handy tools to have.
-A solidly made metal pen. While it is not a knife, a good pen can be used to drive into a person’s skin and inflict painful punctures, which you can use to break their grasp. More blunt-ended pens or marks can be used as a impact tool called a “Koppo” or “Kubotan.”

All of these are everyday objects, not weapons, so they are 100% legal to carry and use anywhere. Always remember that due to UK laws, if any police officer asks you, have a completely different reason that you carry to tell him. NEVER tell the officer it is for defense, because that makes it illegal. Even if you had to take someone down with an item, always say to the police that you just happened to have it close at hand for another purpose and it was a coincidence that it worked.

Now just for good measure, here are some popular “bad ideas” that I hear people sometimes suggest:
1. Putting your keys between your fingers. This is not a good plan because when you make impact, the keys will wrench to the sides and lacerate the skin and veins on the inside of your fingers. Trust me, I learned this the hard way as a kid.
2. Using cooking spices as a a blinding agent. Not nearly as effective as most people think. Real pepper spray is 2000x more potent than Jalapenos and many times hotter than the hottest pepper in the world. You will not replicate this effect by throwing the contents of a shaker in someone’s face.

Paul asks…

Don’t we MEN have the right to say martial arts is only for US, if WOMEN insist that romance is only FOR THEM?

Women insist that romance is only for them! That we men can’t cry! Or show emotion! Men and women alike think that way! So why can’t we men claim that martial arts and action is only for us? You claim romance is only for you!
Ever hear people say “please hand in your man-card” when a man admits to liking romance?!!

admin answers:

I train in Martial Arts, I don’t think it’s only for women. Infact I think it’s more important for women to take a self defense course than a man. Men are physically bigger and stronger than women and learning a martial art is one of the most effective way for a woman to defend herself outside of buying a gun. But as with guns, mace, pepper spray, or tasers these can be taken from you and used against you. Martial arts cannot be taken from you.

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Your Questions About Does Pepper Spray Work On Everyone

Maria asks…

Does anyone know where I can download instructions or how to use pamplets for pepper spray, handcuffs, ASP or?

or cattle prods…..I need this to instruct citizens in self defense
I need to be able to download and print if possible. Thanx
I already know HOW to use the items, I just need handouts….for the students….not for me.

admin answers:

On this one I agree with everyone above me!

First of all on batons and OC (Olienresin Capscum “Pepper Spray”) you need to have an Instructor certification from a reputable manufacturer or training company or a lot of liability Insurance.

As far as control and restraint – there are a lot of legal considerations as well as tactical concerns that you need to address before teaching “citizens”.

Check it out… To protect yourself you need to certify your self as an instructor. I can tell you probably haven’t done this since most training companies provide instructor material. If I sound harsh it’s because I care…

Nancy asks…

when is it okay to use pepper spray on someone? do you run away after or do you have to stay there?

i bought mace for protection in my car and when i bike or run. i dont want to kill anyone, i just want to be safe

admin answers:

It’s OK (approved) to use for self defense (Only). BTW Mace is not pepper spray so make sure it’s pepper spray by reading the label.
After you spray someone, run (absolutely) to your nearest police station and file a report to cover yourself in case they report they were sprayed by some nut job and you get arrested.

Mace works on lacrimatory(tear glands), whereas pepper spray works on the (respiratory) system making it useful for animals as well. Animals do not have tear ducts therefore mace will not be as effective (If at all) on them.
Pepper spray is considered a (use of force) and you can be criminally prosecuted for using it unnecessarily, so if you have a short temper or hair trigger keep it in mind.
Mace does not work on everyone, Pepper spray however does, unless someone is under the influence of mind altering drugs such as (PCP) for example, pepper spray will stop them in their tracks and if you’ve ever been exposed, it’s not something you want to experience ever again.

Lisa asks…

Would you be more dangerous with a gun or pepper spray?

I think I would be more dangerous with pepper spray, because at least with a gun i’d think about it. I’d point the gun and be like “Ahhhhhh all right whatever, go on lady”. WIth pepper spray I would spray everyone with that stuff, i’d use it all the time “Excuse me sir, yeah I think your in my parking spot, yeah I had my blinker on back th….Oh you were here first? Well shhhh (Spray him) well look at that, now your eyes hurt. I know it hurts, yeah I know. Oh you didn’t see my blinker? Well now you don’t seeShit do you? Shhhh (Spray him again)
….”You think I won’t spray the baby? I don’t give a shit.”
Got it National or whatever.

admin answers:

I’d use pepper spray like everyday

Sandra asks…

Is it okay to have/use pepper spray? Any advice on how to be safe?

I officially had my most terrifying experience last night while at Walmart! Well I was there around 1am when this guy came up to me to try to get my number. I told him no and went on my way. I noticed him off and on alot the rest of the time but he was always a good distance away and doing something so I didn’t care. Well when I got outside he was behind me still and even started running. It wasn’t until I turned on my cars panic button where my alarm goes off and I pulled out my phone that he went the other way.

I just turned 18 and I’ve NEVER had that happened before.
Where can I buy pepper spray?
Is it illegal to have in NC?
Funny thing is, i’ve only been moved out the house a week and this happened.
I was out shopping for things for my roommate and I :(


admin answers:

Take a self defense class. Pay attention to your surroundings. Make eye contact with everyone. If something doesn’t feel right, then stop and look for help. (Many women who have survived an attack report that they had a bad feeling but they didn’t want anyone to think they were being silly or helpless so they didn’t ask for an escort or do anything else to make themselves safer.)

You can certainly have pepper spray, but if it is not in your hand when you need it the spray won’t do you any good. Additionally, if you don’t get the spray into the person’s face/eyes it won’t do any good. Finally, pepper spray doesn’t effect every person but if you use it, it almost certainly will effect you.

Lizzie asks…

will pepper spray do the job?

hey bf ex hates me because i have what use to be her bf.she writes me on myspace,and writes blogs about me.i live in n.c she lives in n.c but many miles shes moving to my area with her family,because her and her husband did not work out,so she you guys think shes just coming home to see us perhaps?to fight me or see me?because i hang with her sister,and her family has seen many plenty of times,and i done this purposely so it could get back to her word of mouth. she also weighs about 275 and i weigh 151 im not scared of her but i dnt wanna you guys think pepper spray will do the job?may sound like a funny question…lol…but plz answer!god bless and thanks

admin answers:

Oh my, aren’t you a contradiction. You’re clearly quite a malicious schemer yet you have the nerve to sign off with “God Bless”.

If anything, this girl should be given the heads up on what you’re planning and she handed a can of pepper spray.

Think about it from her point of view. Clearly, she’s jealous of you, so your boyfriend must have meant alot to her. She’s hurting over the lose of him, now she’s hurting over the break up of her marriage. Perhaps you should be the bigger person here and just try to be her friend, not her enemy.

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Your Questions About Pepper Spray Effective Self Defense

Thomas asks…

Is it illegal to carry a taser gun and pepper spray.?

admin answers:

It depends where you live; in some US jurisdictions or Countries you need a permit, in others it’s forbidden, in others there are open carry or conceal carry restrictions, in others there is no legal restriction. So you really need to know the laws in your jurisdiction or country.

No matter were you live remember that those items can “only” be used in a “legitimate” self-defense; improper use can get you in jail and a big lawsuit.

Also tasers and pepper are not 100% effective and they are not a substitute for common sense. If running away is possible make it your first option; in any face to face confrontation your chances or getting killed or in the hospital are of 50% (even more if the attaker is stronger or better armed than you) so do your best to avoid danger.

Charles asks…

Which is more effective—-?

Pepper spray or pepper gel spray?

admin answers:

These two things are merely tools or implements of better self defense. If you just use any of these effectively, then it will just as good as any other weapons. But a good kind or brand of a self defense weapon would count as you would definitely rely solely on these product when you need them.

Chris asks…

If being maced what can stop it or reduce its effects?

admin answers:

A real ring burner

Pepper Spray,is made from all-natural ingredients – chilies and oil. So, it is non toxic, it will not catch on fire, and although it won’t break down or become weaker as it gets older, it may – depending on the size of the can – slowly leak out over time (a year or so). The chilies used to make self-defense spray include: Jalapenos, Chiletpin, and Cayenne. The best, as in hottest, most effective for stopping an attacker – and my favorite to eat – are called: Habaneros.

The active ingredient taken from chilies is called: “oleoresin capsicum,” or OC. In the wonderful world of horticulture, OC is a term used to describe chili peppers. OC is oily stuff, making it hard to wash off if you get it on your skin. Plus, it doesn’t mix well with water, which is why it is mixed with oil.

Cleaning it off yourself

I read somewhere, where if you get spray on yourself, you should rinse the area with cold water. If you have ever eaten chili, you will know that this idea doesn’t work. Milk or yogurt is supposed to help cool your mouth, but with the ring burning chili that I like to eat, time is the only thing that really helps. So the key here is, don’t panic, try not to touch or rub, and remember, it won’t last forever. You can pat your face with a dry towel. This may lift a bit of the oil out of your skin and reduce the recovery time. Sitting in front of a fan may ease the burning feeling.
You can buy specially designed capsicum removing sponges.

Drugs may reduce the effects

We all know that drugs, including alcohol, numb the body and mind. So it only stands to reason that if you use pepper spray on someone under the influence of drugs, the effects will be reduced. More importantly, the effects it does have may take longer to become evident. This means that a drugged attacker may have more time to hurt you before the spray takes hold. Just be aware and as always, be ready to run as soon as you can!

Jenny asks…

Where can you buy mase?

Like the kind a girl can carry on her keychain for self-defense. Do they sell it at Wal-Mart? Gas stations?

Thanks :-)
Or is there something better for self-defense? It’s because I’m breaking up with my boyfriend, and his other girlfriend (hence the reason we’re breaking up) told me he’s gotten violent with her. He’s never raised a hand to me but better safe than sorry….
Sorry, “mace.” I think I was thinking of the rapper :-)

Ma$e. Lol!
I live in Kansas, if anyone knows specifics about state laws….

admin answers:

Darnit!……. I thought this was a Harlem World question

I’m not up on the laws / availability of mace in Kansas,(I’m in NJ), as in many areas it has been deemed illegal for use outside of the Law Enforcement aspect.

“Pepper spray” is more commonly available, (and most effective on combative people), However, it may be illegal in some areas, or restricted as to the size of the canister. (how big it can be)

WHERE TO GET IT: If you have a Police supply store near you, it would be a great place to start, as many are owned and operated by Officers themselves, and many would be happy to even splain’ to you the legality of owning / carrying / using a self defense product.

Sarcastic time : )
(I’m sorry to admit this, but, some officers believe no citizen should be prepared for self defense, and would therefore tell you that Poland Spring water in the 24oz bottle is illegal to own and carry)
Sarcastic time over : (

Seriously carrying ANY type of defense product takes a LOT of responsibility & caution!

When I was about 3 years old I found some Mace (Yes Mace)
in my Mother’s purse, and sprayed my baby brother with it, I had no idea what it was, but years later I was told he could have died if he had not been rushed to the emergency room!
True story time over : (

Many states also prohibit bringing it into places of large public gathering. (schools, churches, universities, malls etc)

Word to the wise time : )
If you do decide to get pepper spray get one with a high S.H.U (Schovill Heat Unit) rating. (How “hot” it is)
(2 million is what I have)
Also become familiar with the safety latches / labels on the device so if an emergency arises, you’ll know how to use it!
(Buy an extra canister for training, I’m not saying spray your own eyes, but go to a empty parking lot, and face downwind and spray to learn how it works, and most importantly, the spray pattern. Some brands spray a steady stream, others give more of a “misting” effect. The most effective type will spray like a bottle of window spray. (a cone pattern).


Good luck!

Mary asks…

I need some ideas for self protection?

I have my baby son due on February 15th and as a new mother I see some of the people in this world and what they are capable of and it freaks me out. In my neighborhood alone people have robbed and beaten at the grocery store down the street. I don’t even live in a bad area! So heres my question. What kinds of devices could I use to protect me and my newborn son when we are out alone? I don’t like guns, I won’t buy one. What alternatives are there? Can you recommend any certain ones and how do you go about getting it? Do you need a license?

Thank You.

admin answers:

Tazers work, but they can also cause heart attacks and other problems in the person you use them on so you may be brought up on criminal charges so be sure you’re being attacked before you use one.

Mace(pepper spray) is another effective one, although it doesnt physically put your attacker down it only makes his eyes burn and makes him unable to see so a stubborn attacker may still continue or he may block it out and just make him angrier.

Physical self-defense training is helpful as long as you get training from a legitimate trainer and not one of these trainers that just goes out and makes women feel more confident but doesnt really teach them useful real life skills

the other option would be to carry a pellet gun/bb gun that looks real. Just having a gun out might be enough to scare someone off and its more than likely not going to be deadly.

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Your Questions About Does Pepper Spray Work On Dogs

Laura asks…

How does pepper spray work?

I need a good answer- i need it for a paper im writing

admin answers:

The hot part of red peppers is used as an irritant.
The spray causes burning in the eyes and skin
(we were instructed not to spray directly into the eyes,
the vapors will carry up to the eyes when you spray
lower on the body).
It causes a feeling of panic, tightness in the chest, in addition
to the burning in the eyes, crying and tears. All of which help to stop the person from attacking you or someone else.
The irritation is not harmful long-term, but it makes them want
to pick up their toys and go home, (well, actually they just want
to leave and not even pick up their toys).
I NEVER had it fail me in a situation, it always worked well enough to get the person handcuffed even when they were
previously intent on hitting other police officers or me.
It also works on dogs that have decided you are what’s for dinner instead of beef.
I actually had a guy apologize after he got sprayed when he persisted in trying to start a fight with another drunk person in a parking lot. He said “man, that stuff burns, I didn’t want you to spray me with that, I just wanted to figtht that guy!”
So, long story short, I left law enforcement before the taser made its way to my department, but pepper spray been berry , berry good to me!

Maria asks…

Is pepper spray legal to use on dogs. I thought the USPS was to carry skunk spray?

admin answers:

It is legal to use pepper spray on any animal, two or four legged, if that animal is attacking you or a threat to your personal safety. It is a crime to use it for malice against something that is not threatening you and simply minding it’s own business.

Carol asks…

Do you bring dog pepper spray or anything for protection when you walk your dogs?

I have been walking my 3 dogs and normally when I walk I am alone. I also have my 2 kids and a neighbor kid with me when we go. I am scared I am going to run into a loose dog or someone will let their dog out as I am passing (has happened) so I stay on my road and walk it 3 or so times but I would like to branch out so what if anything do u bring with you when you walk. I thought of buying the spray made for dogs but can i be sued for vet bills if I use it on a dog going after one of my dogs or kids.

Also, if it gets into my dogs or kids eyes in the process is it dangerous or will it wear off.

Thanks and the reason I am paranoid is when my daughter was a baby a dog was circling us growling trying to get at my daughter. Thankfully the owners were not that far behind.
There are tons of people around me that do not have fences that let the dogs out to pee
I like the foghorn idea.. looking for that now :-)

admin answers:

I wouldn’t worry about getting sued. That’s better than letting your child or your dog getting bit.

Unless you go onto someone’s property and attack their dog, I doubt any lawsuit would hold up. If the dog is off of their property, you have the right to defend yourself.

Sharon asks…

Where, how can I buy a pepper spray?

Please be specific in your answer. Please do not warn me it is illegal. People carry knives (more people than we think) others walk dangerous dogs. I think a pepper spray is no harm at all unless used. I am a girl and feel that I am defenceless, so this is the best option. It ought to be made legal. Why is some amount of alcohol aloud when driving? I would ban that for example, that killed more people than pepper sprays.

admin answers:

You can buy a pepper spray from

Chris asks…

When ladies walk dog at night, what else do you have?

Do you all carry mace, pepper spray, some kind of protection or do you just leave it up to the dog? I want to begin walking my dog at night, but I get off at 9 pm. Its just us so I don’t have a man to protect :( my dog is my man lol. Not too sure about the neighborhood as just moved over here, haven’t heard a Lot of crime but certainly, every neighborhood has some level of crime. My dog, 9 month APBT, is protective but I don’t want to leave it up to him to protect me. I think his looks will scare away a punk but anything I should definitely carry with me when going on this 30 minute walk?
I was thinking of mace, but don’t even know where to get it around here. Don’t believe Walgreens carries it. I don’t hear of daily crime but I know crime exists everywhere even when its not reported. I don’t want to depend on my dog because I know he’s a biter. He bit my ex, when my ex wanted to use me as a punching bag. I want to protect the breed and keep it out of limelight.

admin answers:

You should definitely carry mace or pepper spray with you, don’t depend on your dog for protection. You don’t want your dog to get hurt in the process of protecting you either. Mace/pepper spray is good as well in case you run into an aggressive dog on your walk.

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Your Questions About Pepper Spray Safety

Nancy asks…

Women , freedom and safety ?

Women do any of you carry any kind of weapon at least once or once in a while to feel safe? It could be anything like a licensed owned hand gun, a kitchen knife, pepper spray, tazer, or a pocket knife.Any other things please mention what .If so you do not have to , but you could say why if you want to.

admin answers:

Pepper spray & Tazer.

Jenny asks…

where can i purchase pepper spray for protection in miami, fl?

admin answers:

On-line is best but any police supply store. I did a quick search and found this:

9951 Dominican Drive, Cutler Bay, FL 17 mi SW
(786) 375-0245 ‎ ·

Mark asks…

Is pepper spray allowed in checked baggage on an airplane?

admin answers:

Yes only if it adheres to this:

“One 4 ounce (118ml) container of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge. Self Defense Sprays containing more than 2% by mass of Tear Gas (CS or CN) are prohibited in Checked Baggage.”

Donald asks…

Does the airport allow pepper spray in check in luggage?

admin answers:

It’s not the airport, it’s the government and

It cannot be in any carry on items or on your person.

From the TSA list of Permitted/Prohibited items-

“Mace/Pepper Spray:
One 118 ml or 4 fl oz. Container* of mace or pepper spray is permitted in checked baggage provided it is equipped with a safety mechanism to prevent accidental discharge.”

For more information visit and click on Passengers, then Preparing to Fly.

Chris asks…

Had a TERRIFYING experience last night, can I get some advice on how to stay safe as a 18yr old female? Is it wrong to get pepper spray?

I officially had my most terrifying experience last night while at Walmart! Well I was there around 1am when this guy came up to me to try to get my number. I told him no and went on my way. I noticed him off and on alot the rest of the time but he was always a good distance away and doing something so I didn’t care. Well when I got outside he was behind me still and even started running. It wasn’t until I turned on my cars panic button where my alarm goes off and I pulled out my phone that he went the other way.

I just turned 18 and I’ve NEVER had that happened before.
Where can I buy pepper spray?
Is it illegal to have in NC?
Funny thing is, i’ve only been moved out the house a week and this happened.
I was out shopping for things for my roommate and I :(


admin answers:

Under 150 cubic centimeters is the only pepper spray regulation for NC that I could find. Go ask your local police station if still unsure. It does not have to be registered like a gun though. Yes, I would get pepper spray and/or a safety whistle. Both come in forms that can be attached to your key chain. Turning on your car alarm was good, quick thinking. Also be aware of your surroundings.

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Your Questions About Does Pepper Spray Work On Everyone

Robert asks…

Police Pepper Spray Training?

I was wondering if all 50 states used that method of training on their officers? If someone could tell me if South Carolina does that would be great!
(along with a list of states that do/don’t)

admin answers:

Everyone in the police academy and criminal justice program has to get pepper sprayed. You must know how to use the weapon and what it feels like on the other person. Its not as bad as you think it burns like heck but once its over your ok.

Ruth asks…

Where can I find pepper spray?

I need to get some pepperspray and quick. I dont want o go online cause it will take to long to get here. So if anyone knows where they would possibly sell them, prefer Tampa area. Thank you!

admin answers:

You have to get a permit to carry it. You have to attend a training class as well. If you carry it without those and are caught you will be arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. If you use it without those thing you will be arrested for Assault and Battery by means of a dangerous/deadly weapon, and depending where you used it possibly Discharging a chemical in an enclosed space, reckless endangerment, etc.

Everyone has the right to defend themselves, but make sure you go the right way about doing it.

Lizzie asks…

how does o.c. spray work?

(i need a source to where you found your answer)

admin answers:

Official Answer:

Pepper spray (also known as OC spray (from “Oleoresin Capsicum”), OC gas, capsicum spray, or oleoresin capsicum) is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness) that is used in riot control, crowd control and personal self-defense, including defense against dogs and bears. It is a non-lethal agent that can be deadly in rare cases.

Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, not an irritant like Mace. It causes immediate closing of the eyes, runny nose, difficulty breathing and coughing. The duration of the effects depend on the strength of the spray but the average full effect lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes, with mitigated effects lasting for hours.

Personal Answer:

Pepper spray is liquid suck. Everyone in my academy class had to get pepper sprayed, and it’s pretty much the worst experience I’ve had in my entire life. It gets into your eyes, the pores on your face and just, burns. Your eyes are forced shut because it feels like there’s sandpaper on them, your face feels like it’s on fire. I suffered the effects of O.C. For about 14-16 hours after I was sprayed. I hate it, hate it, hate it.

Maria asks…

Where can I find pepper spray in South Africa?

Online please. Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

Online might be a problem because the post office and couriers do not like packages containing presurised containers like aerosols.

Its much better to buy it in person from a shop where they know their products – there is a lot of rubbish posing as pepper spray out there. Rather discuss the pros and cons of specific brands and types with a knowlegable person in a shop.

I’ve seen the official SA Police manual on pepper spray – avoid oil based formulations as they tend to create a “fog” that affects everyone within a few metres – yourself too. Also get one with a nozzle that releases it in a stream that can be aimed at a person’s face from a few metres away (like a water pistol) rather than a broad spray (like an insecticide).

Ken asks…

Have you ever had to use mace/pepper spray?

My friend is a cop and he told me mace isnt really usefull because a crazy person, someone messed up in the head enough to want to hurt/molest someone will still keep attacking even if they were sprayed in the eyes with mace. He said thats why cops use tazers. Is this true?

Please, dont act like you know everything about this if you havent actually had to use mace on a REAL attacker. Thanks

admin answers:

I have used OC as well as several other types of chemical agents on various occasions in the line of duty as a correctional officer. There are very few people able to keep on fighting through pepper spray, it is a very strong deterrent. Usually merely pulling the can out of the holster is enough to get everyone on their stomachs with their hands on the backs of their heads. There are some who are immuned to it. It is made from an actual pepper, so with a very small group of people it just doesn’t irritate them as well as it does most others.

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Your Questions About Pepper Spray Work On Dogs

Paul asks…

defense against dog attacks?

I have 50 years of experience dealing with dogs and dog attacks and I am sad to see some of the responses people give to how to deal with them. One fellow asked about using a knife to defend himself against a dog attack and I think he received lousy advice from folks who obviously have never had a real world encounter with an attacking dog.
I would only use the knife if the dog was a bite and hold type like a shepherd. You need to cut a deep 45 degree angle from the eye to the neck and sever the temporalis and massater muscles and the dog cannot use his mouth. You could also cut deeply into the rear legs upper front first then back and he cannot continue to attack you. Just walk away. Most dogs are bullies and will bluff you to see if you run, dont run face them and make sure they have an escape route, 99 percent will take it, that one percent is the one you must fight off, then you are within your rights to disable the animal and if necessary dispatch it. I prefer not to kill the dog but will if necessary.

admin answers:

Pepper sprays and the like can backfire on you. This woman who is a dog trainer with 40+ years experience mentioned something that I think would work great against dog attacks, muggers, etc. She suggests getting a boat horn. I’ve seen them in the sporting goods section at Walmart, and they’re inexpensive. You can even get holsters for them. One blast of that baby will send just about anything running the other way.

John asks…

pitbulls and dog pepper spray?

my question is: how effective is a dog pepper spray in case of a pitbull attack? i’m asking because i like to jog, but i fear pitbulls whose owners can’t control. i’ve seen it many times.

thanx! (i think in case of a pitbull attack a spray probably won’t help you).
Supergirl, that’s why i said what my quesion was :)) i know what i’m talking about :)
I didn’t say pits are born bad; please stick to the question :))

i love all animals

admin answers:

Hang on I’ll just find out………………………………….na et dontt woorkkk

Chris asks…

dog attacked twice by same two dogs-would you sue…?

so my husky was attacked twice in two months by the same two dogs. the owners don’t seem to care as they allow their rottie to wonder around off leash. their dogs have proved to be vicious!

after the first attack my husky became nervous meeting other dogs.

the second attack cost me $300 in vet bills because of bruised ribs on my husky. he is so scared now that he won’t even walk off our driveway (it has been three days since the attack)

i am going to demand they pay for the vet bill.

what else can i make them pay for?? how much would be reasonable to sue??

i can’t sleep at night because i wake up constantly and have nightmares.
i’ve already reported it to animal control.
i was taking my dog for a walk both times (so we were on public property).
the first time the dogs pulled the owner across the road on her butt. the second time the rottie wasn’t on a leash and the boxer broke his chain leash

admin answers:

Ask them to pay for vet bills, transportation expenses to the vet, lost wages from missing work while at the vet. If they refuse, sue them in small claims court. Carry pepper spray when walking your dog and blind the attackers. If the owners interfere, spray them, too. If they attack again, insist that the dogs be destroyed and call animal control twice a day until it happens.

David asks…

looking for homemade Keep Off spray for my dog?

does anyone know of a home remedy that i can use to keep my dog away from certain places?

admin answers:

Try some of these popular home-made dog and cat deterrents:

Pepper: You can make a simple animal repellent with black pepper and chilli pepper. It’s best to grind your own because the smell will be much stronger. Spread the powder on annuals and perennials to keep pets away.

Mothballs: These contain naphthalene which will repel animals. They can be used as a barrier around flowerbeds, but take care with children about.

Citrus: Cats don’t like citrus smells. Scatter some orange or lemon peels to create no-go zones. Citronella oil is considered to be a good cat repellent but generally it does not appear to have an effect on dogs.

Ammonia: Dogs and cats absolutely detest the smell of ammonia. Buy some cloudy ammonia and dilute with 10 parts water. Spray around the garden and yard but always do a small test before applying to plants.

I personally recommend using Bitter Apple Spray. It is not homemade but it is wonderful. I bought an 8oz bottle when my dog is a puppy- which he is 6 years old now and I still have half a bottle. All you have to do is when you see the dog misbehaving then spray a little bit on the item he is chewing on or the part of furniture he is on and dab a little on his tongue. If he is chewing on himself then you just spray a little on that spot. After he figures out what that stuff tastes like then he will deter from it.

Mandy asks…

What are the problems with pepper spray?

Are there any long term affects of pepper spray?
My dogs got out through an open window thanks to my step daughter. Some jerk of a neighbor called the cops. The reserve officer, the ones that can’t carry a gun, showed up and pilled his baton and the dogs barked at him. His trigger spray finger was to spray them with pepper spray. Now, let me tell you these are the most friendly dogs in the world. There were three dogs that got out and the two Pit Bulls got sprayed not the Beagle.
The dogs are fine and I am wondering if there is anything I should watch for.

admin answers:

You could eat pepper spray on a burrito if you could stand the heat.

It’s natural, washes off completely, and there are no lasting side effects. It’s made of the hottest part of the hottest peppers alive today. That’s right. Hot peppers. Nothing toxic.

Well, if they swallowed some, it could cause diarrhea. But I don’t think they’d lick it.

Sorry about your dogs.

Rinse the dogs if you haven’t already.

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