What Is Bear Spray? Information About Bear Spray

Information About Bear Spray


pepper spray Bear spray is similar in design and application to the sprays used for defense against criminals.
This spray features a stronger concentration of irritants to make it useful in repelling bear attacks. It’s made from capsicum, which inflames sensitive tissue to blind and incapacitate wildlife. Depending on the predators near your home or camping site, you might also be able to use bear spray to defend against big cats and other animals.

How it’s Different from Other Sprays

Bear SprayBear spray is clearly labeled as such, since it contains anywhere from 80 % to 2,000 % the concentration of active ingredients.. At these levels it’s easy to imagine what would happen to a human if sprayed with bear spray. Due to this potency make sure to check local regulations pertaining to carrying it in public, as some jurisdictions outlaw it’s use.

What are the Advantages of Bear Spray?

This defense solution is much more lightweight than a firearm, and it requires less training to use. While not permitted in all national parks, bear spray is less restricted than guns in certain places. You can also use spray with less fear of injuring someone if you miss.


Bear SpraySome brands come in holsters with ties that prevent them from discharging. This keeps you or a child from accidentally spraying anyone. The flip side of this is that in tense situations you might not have a lot of time to unfasten the straps. Carefully weigh your options to decide if you need to protect yourself from unauthorized use or if you’d rather have an extra second or two to squeeze off a shot.

One factor in your decision about safety straps is what is the range of the bear spray? Bears are faster than humans. The single most important factor in protecting yourself from them is distance. Depending on the manufacturer some models might have a range of as low as 15 feet all the way up to 35 feet.

How wide of a jet does the bear spray shoot?

The wider it spreads the more likely you are to hit the face without having to aim. A narrower stream can fly farther and faster. Since it’s momentum is directed mainly forward instead of to the side. This is also important if you’re out in a windy area, as the faster and farther a spray shoots the less likely it is to blow back to you.bear spray

As with all self-defense solutions make sure to check out user reviews to get a feel for the average experience. Weigh your particular needs, such as a longer spray distance, safety tie or none. Also be sure to select the one that leaves you with a feeling of peace of mind concerning reliability and effectiveness. It is important to be sure to outfit every member of your team who is old enough to use bear spray responsibly with a canister. It is best to have one at all times while in rural or wilderness areas.

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