The Dangers of Homemade Pepper Spray

Being webmaster of a site dedicated to pepper spray is an interesting experience. I see different trends and patterns. Through social media and research, I’ve become knowledgeable on many aspects of spray self-defense. However, I’ve noticed a recent trend that needs to be explored. homemade pepper spray

Homemade or D.I.Y. pepper spray. The average person might not know the difference. But trust me folks, some things should be left up to the professionals. Especially products that are meant to keep you safe. Let’s dive deeper on the reasons why homemade pepper spray should be left out of your home.

How to Make Homemade Pepper Spray


homemade pepper sprayA quick internet search will show various ingredients and methods to make this concoction. However, they seem more like recipes for cooking instead of self-defense products. The most common ingredients are: Chili Peppers, black table pepper, water, A pot to boil the mix, and a spray bottle. This mix is extremely unreliable, and may vary depending on the ingredients and peppers used.

How Professionals Make Pepper Spray

Companies like SABRE and MACE spend countless hours, and dollars on research and development. They use professional laboratories and scientists to create potent mixtures. Extremely powerful pepper extracts are used. More powerful than any natural pepper on earth. There are various uses for pepper spray, and different formulas are made for different purposes:homemade pepper spray

  • Home Defense
  • Bear Spray
  • Law Enforcement
  • Concealed Carry
  • and more

Extensive testing on effectiveness and shelf life are performed on all formulas. Which leads to my next point.

Durability of Homemade Pepper Spray

homemade pepper spray

There’s not much to say for the durability and shelf life of D.I.Y. pepper spray. The different methods and ingredients make it impossible to predict. Surely you could boil up a fresh batch of pepper juice, and it could be flat within a couple of days. This makes homemade pepper spray extremely unreliable. There are many recipes floating around Pinterest and the internet. However, there is no way to accurately gauge the shelf life of these sprays.

Durability of Retail Pepper Spray

All batches of retail pepper spray are made with exact precision. Although some expiration dates may vary, they are clearly stamped on every can. Most companies will give a guarantee on the effectiveness. Some sprays and gels keep their potency up to four years! I’ll take that over pepper soup any day. These companies have years of experience and testing under their belts. Nothing is left to chance. That is one of the main reasons I would feel confident in buying their products.

Accuracy of Homemade Pepper Spray

homemade pepper sprayOnce again this can vary greatly. Basically, any bottle or delivery system you put your mixture in dictates the accuracy. Could you imagine discharging a cloud of pepper filled justice from a squirt bottle? That would almost guarantee blow back in your face. Your main concern should be effectiveness. Even if you accomplish making a potent brew, a precise delivery system is needed. Also keep in mind that the consistency of the spray plays an important role in delivery. Homemade brews will usually have the consistency of water. Which would make the spray susceptible to outside forces like wind and weather.

Accuracy of Retail Pepper Spray

Like the methods of making their spray, most companies spend a lot of time researching and developing delivery systems. Almost all retail sprays come in compressed aerosol cans. Also, much research is put into the spray nozzle. They are designed to shoot in small bursts, for better accuracy and delivery.

homemade pepper sprayThese include:  

  • jet streams
  • short distance cloud
  • large fog
  • long distance,
  • gun delivery
  • keychain
  • and more

All of them are designed with your safety in mind. Also, certain gel formulas are made for a smooth and accurate delivery. They offer more precision and less blow back.

Cost of Homemade Pepper Spray

Homemade Pepper SprayThere are only a few ingredients involved in making your own. This is possibly the only benefit of making homemade pepper spray. The cost will vary depending on the ingredients you choose but don’t forget that  you get what you pay for. If you want to make your spray from ghost, or scorpion peppers, it may cost more. Also, if you have these ingredients at home the only cost will be your time and effort.

Cost of Retail Pepper Spray

The cost of professionally made pepper spray is extremely affordable. Depending on the size and type, the price will vary. You can buy pepper spray online from a respected company for less than ten dollars. Also,  you can buy a large can for home defense, for around forty dollars. It all depends on what purpose you need it for. Whether you are on a shoe string budget, or have money to burn, there is a trusted brand that you can buy today.

Final Thoughtshomemade pepper spray

Some things are much better homemade. Cookies, pies, and various foods top the list. Art projects and home repairs too! Everyone likes to test their ingenuity from time to time. Just knowing that you can make something in case of an emergency is empowering. Also, knowing that you don’t need to rely on retail stores and merchants makes you feel good. Being self-sufficient is a good thing in many ways. But there is really no reason or excuse to make your own batch of pepper spray. These products are very affordable, and the companies take their job seriously.

Finally, the safety of yourself and loved ones is very important. I’m sure that the people sharing these homemade pepper spray tips have good intentions. However, it is my opinion that we leave this one to the professionals. We all live in an unpredictable world, don’t leave your safety to chance. Always use reliable and effective methods to keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Come back often for more information and reviews on pepper spray and non-lethal self-defense.

Homemade Pepper Spray

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