Pepper Spray, The Best Self Defense?

Is Pepper Spray the Best Self Defense Option?

Best Self DefenseFirst, pepper spray, or Capsicum Spray, is a non-lethal defense system used by many. This includes law enforcement agencies from around the world. It is used to temporarily disable an opponent by causing extreme discomfort. This enables the target to be subdued or for the user to escape. The active ingredient, capsaicin, is derived from plants from the pepper family. It causes irritation to the eyes and skin, and restricts breathing. It can also incapacitate the target for 15 to 45 minutes.

Why a Spray Self Defense?

Best Self DefenseAn aerosol spray is an easy to use delivery system that does not require special training or superior strength to be effective. Also, it eliminates any physical advantages an aggressor may have. It can be used from as far away as 25 feet, allowing for a safe distance. It is also available to the public in a variety of forms, including canisters and key rings. Mostly, this makes it easy to carry and quick to access and use.

Is it an Effective Home Defense?

It is as effective in the home as on the street, while also relieving the worry many have of having a firearm in the home. This non-lethal option eliminates that worry, while providing effective home defense. For those who reside in a more rural areas, pepper spay is also an effective defense against animal attack. Also, it is being used effectively as a deterrent to aggressive dogs, as well as large predators such as bears and mountain lions.

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Is it the Best Self Defense for you?

From the everyday man or woman on the street, to law enforcement, and wildlife management, many find security in carrying this naturally derived, easily deployed defensive product. Finally, pepper spray can give you or your loved ones the security and peace of mind, knowing this non-lethal defense system gives them the option to protect themselves.

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