Pepper Spray Comparison: Gel vs Foam

What is Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray is a modern innovation that allows you to go about your day with confidence that you can resist an attacker. It’s designed to deliver skin irritants directly to your assailant. It causes them enough pain and discomfort so that you can escape. Capsicum spray causes inflammation to eye tissue, which leaves criminals unable to see and fight effectively.

Why Choose Pepper Spray?

Pepper spray has several advantages over other self-defense methods,includingpepper spray

  • guns
  • knives
  • tasers
  • similar weapons

Sprays are generally easier to acquire and are legal in more situations. Also, there is less training involved in learning how to effectively use it against an attacker. Pepper spray is less lethal than other weapons. This makes it less dangerous to you in case you get overpowered.

Gels vs Foam, Which is the Best Pepper Spray?

Beyond traditional oil-based solutions, there are two newer innovations in self-defense sprays, foam and gel. Here is our Pepper Spray Comparison,

  • Foam Pepper SprayFoam based pepper spray fans out over a wider area so you don’t have to aim as carefully. This is critical in situations where you don’t have time to carefully line up a shot. This type of oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray, is ideal for use in your home against burglars. It’s easy to wipe away after the incident, thus preventing accidents and contamination of your furniture. Depending on the manufacturer and formulation these units can have a range of between 6 to 10 feet.
  • Gel pepper SprayGel-based pepper sprays are also designed for safe use indoors. They’re somewhat heavier than foams, which means that they fly farther, with a range between 15 and 20 feet. They are less affected by wind if you use them outside. The straighter shot means that you do need to aim them more precisely. Thanks to their tacky nature gel pepper sprays stick to your attacker’s skin to stay in place even when they’re thrashing around, which can provide vital seconds that provide you with a better chance of escape.

What are Some Other Considerations?

In a self-defense situation you don’t always have time to react, and you might find yourself on your back or disoriented, so look for a model that’s able to fire from any angle. The best self-defense options are those that your attacker can’t use against you, and one way to assure this is to choose a spray that quickly breaks down into a liquid form that they can’t toss into your eyes. A higher OC concentrationpepper spray

Some pepper sprays come in camouflaged containers, such as a ring worn on your hand. These alternative forms have the advantage of being always ready, as well as simpler to conceal and harder for an attacker to take from you. If you want to make sure that your attacker is caught, look for capsicum spray canisters with dye in the formula, which sticks to clothing and skin and makes it easier for police to identify and capture criminals.

Make sure to research your local regulations to be sure that the amount and type of spray you plan to carry is legal in your jurisdiction. Read pepper spray reviews online to find customer experience and learn about specific brands of spray to find the one that’s ideal for your specific protection needs.pepper spray